Welcome To The World Of Monkey Butler

We are Monkey Butler Denver! Monkey Butler is a nonprofit comedy company that began in Los Angeles, CA and has since spread to many cities in North America and beyond. We are excited to be your local Denver community of improvisers! We offer performances, workshops and other events throughout the year, so come on out and join us. We’d love to get to know you better!

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Stuff We Care About



MB Denver cares about the further development and personal growth of every member—from the person who’s involved for fun to the professional actor.  Our goal is to give you tools to help your career meet the successes you desire.  Through weekly workshops, one-on-one coaching, and guest instructors, MB Denver will strive to give each participant as much instruction and encouragement as possible.  Many of the workshops we provide are free of charge.


Between development and spiritual encouragement, MB Denver hopes to create community—a place where people can be open with one another, excited for each other, and encouraging of one another.  MB Denver regularly hosts improv comedy shows, videos & performances, as well as outside events to cultivate friendships and sense of place in an otherwise large city.


Spiritual encouragement is a core value of MB Denver.  We are a part of LAF Downtown (www.lafdowntown.org), an organization that believes that creativity should be fostered in community and through our spirituality.  We hope to be an encouraging voice in Denver that strives for deeper meaning in comedy, community, and career.


MB Denver provides all its members with artistic opportunity, as well as leadership growth within the community.  We will strive to provide every member with a platform to showcase their talents, ideas and artistic expression.  MB Denver is a place to experiment, hone, and innovate.  And for those who want growth and enjoy responsibility, MB Denver offers as much opportunity for new ideas and pioneering as it does for participating in established activities.


MB Denver hopes to be a positive impact for the creative growth and encouragement of all people we connect with, specifically: those in our workshops, those at our shows, those in other artistic communities, and the city of Denver.  Whether that’s providing free workshops, spreading laughter, or inviting others to see how our community works, we look forward to the limitless ways we can make an impact in Denver.


We like having fun.

A lot of fun.