Hey Monkeys! Due to a upcoming series of events, we are going to postpone workshops through the end of this year. I know, bummer right!? But we’ll be back January 4th! So we’ll see you in 2018!


Yep, they’re free, as in “you don’t pay money” free


When: Thursdays @ 7:00pm

Where: Lifesource Adventist Fellowship
6200 West Hampden Avenue, Denver CO 80227
We meet in the smaller building on the south side of the campus.  Look for the Monkey Butler sign outside the door.

Why:  Because they are tons of fun

We are proud to be part of an organization that gives back to the community, and so we have dedicated ourselves to offering free workshops to help develop the arts in Denver and the creativity in the lives of every individual. Every Thursday night Monkey Butler Denver offers completely free improv workshops! 

Our workshops are divided into levels in order to develop the most appropriate instruction for each individual’s skill set. Best of all, you don’t have to call ahead! Just show up! All first-time workshop attendees must attend at least one Level 1 (Foundations) class. Participation in other classes is by invitation at the teacher’s discretion.

Finally, we want you to know that we love taking time to pray after each workshop is over. MB was founded by a group of people who value faith, hope and love. In fact, one of MB’s core beliefs is that our spirituality naturally leads to creativity. We want to be an encouraging voice in Denver that strives for deeper meaning in comedy, community and individual lives. One way we believe we can do that is by praying together. It’s a great time to support, celebrate and encourage one another as a community of artists. So we’d love to have you join us after a workshop if you feel comfortable.



Level 1: Improv Foundations (7:00 pm)

If you are new to improv, this is the place to familiarize yourself with the basics! It’s also the place for veterans to return and develop those skills further! This class is always a great mix of skill levels and a great place to be introduced to Monkey Butler Denver curriculum and people. Two main courses rotate through Level 1.  “Building Blocks” is a course built to focus on the various aspects of successful improvisation and hone them individually and then together to build your confidence on stage.  “The Character Course” is a unique program designed to help you create interesting and hilarious characters on the spot every time! Keep coming to this class week to week and you will eventually experience it all.


Level 2: Introduction to Long Form (9:15 pm)

Participation is by invitation only, but we love having people hang out with us during this workshop! As improvisers learn the basics of theater sports and short form improv in our foundations class, they will develop the skills to join this next level workshop. In this course, we explore a variety of common and uncommon “long form” improv games. Discover these challenging exercises and develop skills to be a dynamic part of these scenes. Additionally, this is the last step towards becoming part of our Mainstage performers. We’ve notices it takes an average of a year or so to have the skills to perform in a Mainstage troupe, so come on out and keep working at it each week!


Private Workshops

Yes! We are available to do workshops for your organization or business! We believe that improv is an incredible way to build team chemistry and life skills and we love to share it! Unfortunately, we cannot offer workshops in these situations for free like we can on Thursday nights, but visit our contact page and we’d love to see how we can best meet your individual goals!